Language is the issue!

Do you think that Language is the issue? It has been identified that language, or rather the lack of understanding of it is the cause of low levels of quality passes in high school. This is particularly true when considering how the majority of black learners choose to avoid mathematics. It is said that the.. read more →

The architecture of revolt: Part 1

South Africa is headed toward celebrating two decades of “FREEDOM”. What have we got to show for it? Most people will say that the freedom to vote, that came to many who had previously been denied, is something to be celebrated. However exercising a vote without full understanding of the process will set us back… read more →

Jo’burg Child Welfare

Jo’burg Child Welfare, like other welfare organisations, is faced with challenges. Some welfare organisations that have been providing services for the needy are faced with closure; others have had to stop operations. Child-headed household are immediate casualties in this unfortunate circumstance. What will become of those who rely on these services? What can be done.. read more →

Africa in the palm of his hand

Africa awoke to news of the imminent release of Nelson Mandela from prison on 11 February 1990 (which was meant to be his home for life). I remember those days fondly when people spilled over onto the streets to celebrate. I suppose these were the same scenes in Africa and the world. There were emotive.. read more →

Students and spending

According to reseach conducted by UNISA, South African Students spend about R28.5 billion per anum. In this research, they UNISA idetified ‘15 Things you didnt know about student spending‘. The highest ranking one of these, in my opinion, deals with the perception that students are not equal. According to the research; ‘There is no such.. read more →

Culture of entitlement

I am concerned about the level of failure of the majority of South African small businesses and also of professionals. I have travelled around the country and I have seen many instances where Government and private funders have invested money in aid of ‘good ideas’ and to date these companies are failing where others could.. read more →

Be passionate

‘If you do not have passion for your idea no one else will believe in it’ — Thurston Sebotsane Passion flowed through my veins as I thought of and planned my motorcycle tour around all provinces of South Africa. When I started, I had never been on a motorcycle nor could I drive one. On.. read more →


We can never get quality by lowering standards, this is an oxymoron at best. — Thurston Sebotsane The ability of education to transform and empower societies cannot and should not be underrated. Education breaks the generational cycles of poverty and disease and is key to a nation’s development and prosperity. So far, my view on the.. read more →

Looking back

I have undertaken a solo motorcycle tour around South Africa where I visited some schools and community projects in all provinces. I learnt a lot on my travels and my biggest worries were further confirmed; learners do not have an idea of why they are at school. They do not plan beyond the current day… read more →

Planning for Thandi’s future

Thandi’s chances in life growing up as a woman in South Africa shows why the National Planning Commission is needed. Visit the NPC Web Pages at The National Planning Commission is a new initiative of government. Chaired by the Minister in The Presidency for National Planning, the NPC is responsible for developing a long.. read more →